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About Pepino
Pepino Foods is a Company which presents diffrent types of Diet Foods. We use hand picked fruits, vegitables and ingredients, High Quality Process with Low Handling, Industrial standard Fruits and Vagetables washing, Daily fresh fruits and vegitales are chosen. All Diet Foods are prepared under the observations of our Expert Dietitian.
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Free Advice

Free advice from our expert Dietitian

You need a wight loss diet?
Or you have diabetis?
Or you are a cardiac petient?
Or you want to know how a sald can give you better health?

We provide salad for all your needs. You don't have to worry if you have suger, diebetis, heart problem, blockages or any other deasease. Our expert dietitian will help you to choose best salad from our products list wich is suitable for your health. Call our dietitian and know which salad you should order.
Fresh Salad

Pepino's Daily Salad Service

However, it is always advised to eat the vitamins of fruits and vegitales in their natural form so that all of the benefits are conferred to you. ... The daily consumption of fresh fruits lowers the risk of strokes, high blood pressure, indigestion, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases. Your need of eating helthy foods is now Pepino's responsibility. We will provide you fresh fruits and vegitable in the form of Salad and Juices. Eating salad will help you to eat more types of fruits and vegitables in a single meal.
Free Delivery

Salad and Juices at your doorstep.

You need a salad at breakfast or lunch or at dinner? We will bring that right next to your door step. You can order our salad at office for your lunch. The fresh salad box will be sent wherever you are in the city. Just choose one of our subsciption and relax. Pepino will provide you the healthy food whenver and wherever you want.
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As more and more people are turning to organic lifestyles & trying improve their health As more and more people